Dutch-based biscuit baker Hellema Hallum is always present at the world’s largest annual trade fair for sweets and snacks in Cologne. Their success is built (or baked) on the know-how and traditions that go back over 150 years. But, sometimes it is not a bad idea to re-assess certain traditions and see how they measure up to the current day market.

The way the cookie crumbles

The majority of the biscuits baked by Hellema are for leading private labels. For their trade stand they wanted to focus more attention on their private label activities. On the other hand, the trade stand itself was in need of a total refit. With the availability of only a limited budget, choices had to be made. In close collaboration with Creators Dock, it was decided to showcase all the private label packaging with an attractive, at-a-glance overview of the many possibilities. The building of a new-style, Hellema-branded stand was moved forward to the following year.

Last but not least, it appeared that it was unclear within the organisation who was responsible for what, as far the trade fair stand went. By turning to Creators Dock they were able to put in place a single-point-of-contact, who ensured the timely revamp of the stand, including all new POS materials.

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