Or how to turn an award-winning TV programme with no recognisable visuals into successful branded merchandise…

When the Dutch comedy series De Luizenmoeder (The Lice Mother) became an unexpected and instant hit, a second series was quickly planned. But, producer Nijenhuis wanted to also market one-off, series-branded merchandise. Main hurdle in developing such merchandise, was the lack of recognisable visuals.

Partnering for success

In collaboration with Nijenhuis and branding agency CPLG, Creators Dock partnered with retailer Kruidvat. Building on each party’s particular expertise, Kruidvat was responsible for product selection and Creators Dock for product design. Based on our know-how in the area of branding and branded merchandise, we managed to connect with our target market and engage in the same way that the programme does. The products made people laugh tongue-in-cheek. In fact, Luizenmoeder merchandise was sold out before we could say ‘Luizenmoeder’!

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