about us

We love working with brands. Brands bring a product to the next level, a level where ‘experience’ takes on a whole new meaning. As a state-of-the-art brand agency whose roots are in licensing we have had the opportunity to execute some amazing projects for major brands. Our heart beats for design – as we are able to transcend in our field of expertise.

That is where our added value lies: we do not view an assignment purely from the design perspective, but also the potential to touch the target group commercially.

Creators Dock was founded back in 2009. With a wealth of experience in the world of licensing and a strong vision, Creators Dock nowadays positions itself into a highly valued Brand & Design Agency.

We make many different kinds of designs. This is made possible by having a well-balanced team. We are proud that this team consists of specialists who are all tried and tested in their specific field. While one knows everything about licenses and brand identity, another is completely immersed in food & fashion. A well-established basis remains however rock solid in every team member: we are brand and product boosters.

The recognisability of a well-known brand and the experience consumers have with said brand can give your products a significant boost. A license allows you to release your products in the same style of that brand. We take care of the full implementation of this.

We design your packaging or visual support completely according to the rules of the brand. This strict adherence to the rules is, in our view, the driving force behind the experience of the brand. Your target audience wants a uniform story, which your products becomes part of.

We make things happen!


  • Anika van ‘t Klaphek
    Anika van ‘t Klaphek CEO
  • Chris de Jong
    Chris de Jong Designer
  • Corinne Zwemstra
    Corinne Zwemstra Founder
  • Debbie de Bruin-Ros
    Debbie de Bruin-Ros Designer
  • Inge Bril
    Inge Bril Financieel controller
  • Jill de Jong-van den Berg
    Jill de Jong-van den Berg Designer
  • Maroel Sigtema
    Maroel Sigtema Creative Director