125 years on, the Wilhelmina mint continues to be the best sold mint in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, management was looking to make this brand fully future proof. 2018 saw the restyling of this grand lady and all her related products. Recently Fortuin went a step further in keeping Wilhelmina in sync with her time, by making the complete product line more and more vegan. And they added the very traditional, but still extremely popular so-called ‘Black/White’ liquorice sweet to the assortment. In doing so, Fortuin has shifted its focus to younger-aged mint lovers.

The assignment
Creators Dock was asked to design new packaging for all these product innovations. With the explicit request to make the packaging design fit for purpose for 3-packs, loose rolls and displays and bearing in mind their future packaging needs.

The challenge
Fortuin is Wilhelmina. New product developments and packaging design offer the ideal opportunity to enable Fortuin to broaden its target group. However, all communication and projected results should be strictly within the Fortuin brand style.

What we did
New trendy packaging that appeals to a younger age group also, is what we created for Fortuin’s Wilhelmina assortment of mints. The new look reflects Fortuin’s strategy for the coming years.

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