As in many countries, in the Netherlands too, Dutch celebrities or influencers have a phenomenal reach through social media channels, with many loyal followers.

Reason why influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, merchandise brand concepts are thriving as limited edition and limited availability products. Add to that the unique personality of a popular celebrity that has been translated into an exclusive product range, and you’ve got a winner!

Involving celebrities in the design process

No more so than our collaboration with Dutch television presenter, children and animal lover Nicolette Kluijver. She was closely involved in designing and developing the Joly Jungle children’s collection for Dutch supermarket Dirk van den Broek.

The exclusive Jolly Jungle baby and children’s collection consisted of cuddly toys, backpacks, clothing sets, hydrophilic towels, pyjamas and much more. It was the first children’s line released by the presenter.

Launched just before the festive December season, the collection featured fun and affordable presents. The exclusive collection was widely communicated. Not only was it featured in the supermarket’s weekly brochure and Dirk Magazine, but the collection was also advertised in national newspapers, online and as POS materials in Dirk supermarkets.

Partnering for success

Working together with partners, we at CreatorsDock successfully worked on developing Jolly Jungle products that matched and reflected Nicolette’s warm nature, her love of children and of animals.