As creators we love to challenge our creativity! And no better and challenging way to do so than to create licensed toys and products that stand out from the rest and sell – despite strict style guidelines.

With over 10 years’ experience, working in close collaboration with leading brands, we’re not boasting when we say we’ve got what it takes to bring to market successful licensed products. Why? Because we know which product best fits which design.

Getting a licensed product to market – double quick
In an era where licensed toys and products are fruitful commercial spin-offs of popular programmes, films, games, social media and more, getting such products to market fast is key to success. After all, the fickle consumer is here today and gone tomorrow.

With a whole list of ‘to do’s’ – and timing as essential success factor – we deliver all that is needed on time: from design, licensing and packaging, through to POS materials. Working in compliance with the relevant style guide, we pride ourselves in our ability to make attractive and distinctive licensed products.

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