Summertime and the living is easy. But pretty competitive. If you happen to be a toy manufacturer with the stuff children (and grownups) love, but which is lacking in the looks. Call us skin deep, but we know that looks sell. Or, at least, even if your product is the best ever, you will have a hard time selling it if the looks are outdated.

And here is a case in point. Despite successfully producing and selling summer-fun toys for years on end, this toy manufacturer realized that it was high time to re-style their complete summer line. The products were still in high demand, but their brand looks were past it. In a competitive market, rejuvenation was key to retaining their selling power.

Radically new, recognizably the same
The challenge here was to totally re-brand the logo and packaging without, so to say, throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It was essential that the actual toy brand would still be recognizable: after all, the products as such were still in high demand.

Balancing the brand
Based on our extensive knowledge of the children’s market, we developed a clear and highly recognizable brand look-and-feel that could be applied to all existing products, as well as new ones in the years to come. With a new-style packaging, header cards and blisters …. the looks now matched the quality of these popular summer-fun toys!

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