A classic case of too many cooks spoil the soup. Sometimes ideas and organisations fall victim to their own success. It is what almost happened to the Plastic Soup Foundation. Fighting the good fight is their raison d’être. Branding and safeguarding their brand was not. But, with so many parties interested in supporting this worthwhile cause, they were soon threatening to become lost in their own brand soup.

Brand? What brand?
Of course, the Plastic Soup Foundation was thrilled to have organisations willing to partner with them. However, the lack of a single brand ‘library’ or resource and even of a consistent branding, meant that instead of fighting plastic soup, employees were spending vital time finding Plastic Soup Foundation brand materials for partners. And there were no checks in place to see if partner organisations were using materials in the right way.

Fixing the brand experience with a brand book and toolkit
We know a brand is only as good as the ingredients that it is made of. We always use only the best ingredients. And we have the best recipes. So, we put in place a Brand Book containing all the templates, logos, colours, fonts and do’s and don’ts so that it is clear what is go or no-go. No discussion possible!

Second, we made a Toolkit. This, invaluable resource, can now be sent to partners, volunteer organisations or whoever wants to use Plastic Soup Foundation materials for an event, in social media or on posters. The Toolkit has a choice of templates that are fit-for-purpose or -media, doing away with the need to spend precious time approving artwork!

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